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Portal of clinical trials conducted in Poland.

About the project

The eBadania Kliniczne portal provides all the necessary information on clinical trials conducted in Poland. Users can learn about legal and ethical regulations and the benefits of participating in research. The portal also contains job offers, a list of research centers and a database of interesting articles in the medical industry.

Automatic updating of surveys

The project provides a cyclic update of clinical trials, which takes place every 24 hours. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of the eBadania Kliniczne portal with an international institute coordinating clinical trials. Users are informed in real time about ongoing or planned studies and have a good chance of taking part in them.

What we did


The design is adapted to the most popular device screen proportions, ranging from phones, tablets and laptops to large monitor screens.

UX and UI

We make sure that the interaction between the user and the web product is intuitive and useful, and the interface used for this interaction is elegant and at the same time consistent with the principles of design.


We provide analysis of implemented projects, prepare reports, extract interesting data.


The projects we create are based on an asynchronous system of user-server interaction, making the user interaction more dynamic and intuitive.


We build a content management system so that you can quickly and intuitively edit content in web projects.

Visual Identity

We create visual identity for the project, which can include such elements as: logo, brand book, colors, fonts, key visual.


We create websites, corporate websites, online stores, dedicated applications, contest platforms and landing pages.


We write texts for publication in web projects, we create slogans and advertising slogans.


We adjust the content of publications to the specific tasks of positioning of the web project.


We translate complex data into visually attractive infographics.


As we know, one picture is worth more than a thousand words, that's why we create 2D and 3D animations to convey information much faster.


We deal with graphic design of interfaces, we carry out rebranding of brands, we create graphics and carry out post production of materials.

Social media

We support accounts on social media, create content, increase reach, achieve the objectives and take care of your subscribers.


We provide full implementation and hosting on our servers. We create corporate mails, redirection.


We carry out data migrations between systems.

Dynamic content

We create dynamic content for projects, downloading, processing and presenting data in an appropriate form on the fly.


We test and analyze all elements of the project, we optimize materials and files, we perform source code minification.


Implement digital accessibility facilities for users with disabilities in accordance with WCAG 2.1.


We have done the full visual identification, starting with creating the color scheme, selecting the font and logo creation, through the web portal template, ending with printed materials and graphics for social networking sites.


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