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Comprehensive handling of the research project.

About the project

The website of the research project named: "An interdisciplinary and comparative diagnosis of secondary problems emerging in attitudes and behaviours of contemporary youth as a consequence of the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19, in individual and community perspectives". An innovative research project carried out by the University of Zielona Góra aimed at determining the impact of distance learning on students, parents and teachers during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.


We started our work with creative meetings with all the people involved in the research project. This was a key element for us, as we wanted to fully understand the crux of the research question that was going on all the time. This enabled us to best present the research project to the digital world.

What we did


The design is adapted to the most popular device screen proportions, ranging from phones, tablets and laptops to large monitor screens.

UX and UI

We make sure that the interaction between the user and the web product is intuitive and useful, and the interface used for this interaction is elegant and at the same time consistent with the principles of design.


We provide analysis of implemented projects, prepare reports, extract interesting data.


The projects we create are based on an asynchronous system of user-server interaction, making the user interaction more dynamic and intuitive.


We build a content management system so that you can quickly and intuitively edit content in web projects.

Visual Identity

We create visual identity for the project, which can include such elements as: logo, brand book, colors, fonts, key visual.


We produce videos for web projects, prepare film sets, do post production of materials.


We write texts for publication in web projects, we create slogans and advertising slogans.


We adjust the content of publications to the specific tasks of positioning of the web project.


We translate complex data into visually attractive infographics.


As we know, one picture is worth more than a thousand words, that's why we create 2D and 3D animations to convey information much faster.

3D realizations

We prepare 3D models on the basis of which we create graphics or animations.


We deal with graphic design of interfaces, we carry out rebranding of brands, we create graphics and carry out post production of materials.

Social media

We support accounts on social media, create content, increase reach, achieve the objectives and take care of your subscribers.


We provide full implementation and hosting on our servers. We create corporate mails, redirection.

Dynamic content

We create dynamic content for projects, downloading, processing and presenting data in an appropriate form on the fly.


We test and analyze all elements of the project, we optimize materials and files, we perform source code minification.


Implement digital accessibility facilities for users with disabilities in accordance with WCAG 2.1.

Video materials

We have made many videos, including: animated intros, promotional videos, advertising videos, conference videos.


The aim of the task is to illustrate the impact of the state of the epidemic and the social quarantine associated with it on the attitudes and everyday life of the people involved. Therefore, the research focuses on three groups of people: students, teachers and parents, who are represented in the signet of the sign in the form of facial contours. The two coloured face contours offset from each other automatically create a third contour, which is the gap between them. This is a direct analogy to the situation with remote learning, where the student and teacher, who are forced to separate through remote learning, very much involve the parent between them.


A full visual identity was created for the research project. We started by defining a short name for the project, which had to illustrate the idea of the research. The result was the name: "What has the pandemic done to us". This question is a sentence and thus constitutes the key element of the sign in text form, which we created in the next step. All the elements describing the logo, such as its genesis, versions (horizontal and vertical), construction, protective field, basic colours, greyscale colours, monochrome variant, logo on uniform backgrounds, minimum size and symbol, have been described in the logo book. In the next step we described typography, in which we defined the basic typeface, typeface variations and text composition. The final stage was to define the colour scheme, consisting of a basic palette, a gradient and a decorative element. Identity components defined in this way have been included in a visual identity book, which forms the basis for creating any materials related to the project.


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